Digital Marketing: A Guide to Video Production

Digital Marketing: A Guide to Video Production

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Stunning video production is one of the most effective tools that successful brands utilize to captivate their target audiences and establish brand identity. With creative, engaging visuals, video production complements any digital marketing campaign and provides a platform to efficiently communicate brand messaging, tell a compelling story, or speak directly to your target consumer. The best businesses implement strong video content into their advertising campaigns to evoke emotion and trigger a response, which either drives traffic, improves awareness, or boosts sales. 

Social Media Video

Social media video production is a key component of any brand’s content marketing and advertising strategy. Social media platforms are excellent for sharing, hosting, and displaying branded video content. Your business must take full advantage of social media and its capabilities to develop brand awareness, generate more leads, increase engagement, drive web traffic, and improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Bearpaw Partners provides the knowledge and creativity to facilitate extraordinary video content on any social platform. Through honed-in analytics and digital marketing proficiency, we publish branded videos on social media channels, so your company can reach your target market and achieve your brand’s goals. 


According to Alphabet (the parent company of YouTube), the YouTube platform has over a billion users and those users watch more than a billion hours of video each day. These statistics make YouTube the current leader in video content. Using YouTube to display your video content is not just about the size of the platform, as statistics have consistently shown that videos have higher conversion rates than other social media content. In addition, Google often ranks video content from YouTube on its search engine results page (SERP), giving YouTube videos significant SEO benefits.


As one of the leading social media platforms, Facebook offers a variety of options when it comes to customization such as autoplay functionality, targeting based on a prospect’s behavior, retargeting based on site visits, or past client targeting based on previously collected data. We work with you and your brand to thoroughly capitalize on Facebook’s video marketing options. 


Last year, video views on Instagram rose 150%. Brands can take advantage of the fact that consumers love video content on Instagram by creating video posts or stories, video ads, and video carousel ads. This video content can be used to drive website clicks, e-commerce conversions, and encourage mobile app installs. 


Twitter offers the most simplistic and immediate form of sharing with a vast audience. As users scroll through their Twitter feeds, short, witty videos capture attention and are easily shared with a simple click. Bearpaw Partners works with your brand to isolate clever clips and excerpts of your marketing videos to produce Twitter content that is optimal for increased brand awareness.  


Distributing video content via Snapchat can significantly increase brand awareness. The inventive video marketing experts at Bearpaw Partners create unique, attention-grabbing content to help your business’s videos effectively captivate Snapchat viewers and drive traffic. 


A well-organized video marketing campaign on LinkedIn reaches a targeted, business-savvy audience, which helps to guarantee efficient results for B2B branding. We with your business to create enticing, memorable video content specifically designed for LinkedIn’s professional audience. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn area all in integral part of digital marketing, and the team at Bearpaw Partners knows that each platform requires specific expertise, optimization, and customization to get results. Our video marketing team utilizes planned strategies to enable your video to attract valuable leads through the appropriate channels. We craft compelling video content aimed directly at your target audience with the explicit intent to take full advantage of the social media marketplace, increase traffic and conversions, and promote your brand.



Product Video

Product videos are used to promote a product or service. With a strong call-to-action (CTA), product videos drive more traffic to your site and often directly result in purchases or leads. The most successful product videos not only demonstrate the purpose of your brand’s products or services, but they also align with your brand’s voice to ensure better brand recognition and boost awareness. Bearpaw Partners works closely with your brand to create meaningful, influential product videos that increase traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, and sales.

Drive Traffic

The best product videos drive traffic to your website and increase consumer engagement. Bearpaw Partners produce on-brand videos that pique interest, build brand credibility, and increase conversions.

Establish Connection

A good product video focuses on the needs of your target audience. We produce compelling video content that establishes a connection with your viewers, promotes brand loyalty, and increases repeat customers. 

Increase Sales

With a sophisticated product video, you provide viewers with a first-hand look at the features and benefits of your brand’s products or services. We are staffed with creatives who know how to craft branded videos that result in purchases and increased sales.   

Bearpaw Partners uses strategic, research-based methods to create product videos that deliver premium results. We formulate well-structured, easy-to-follow tutorials and how-to videos that advertise your brand’s products and services and deliver your business’s message. Our team of video content experts produces captivating product videos that capture the interest of your targeted audience and drive them to your website. This increased traffic results in a deeper connection between your brand and its consumers, generates more leads, and increases conversions and sales.



Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle videos portray the real-life use of a product or the attitude and personality of a brand. Using stunning visuals and compelling storylines, lifestyle videos appeal to the personality of viewers in the target demographic. Though still focused on a product or service, the best lifestyle videos portray how a brand’s products or services can improve a person’s life. Bearpaw Partners knows that the setting, quality of the video, and calls to action are vital to the success of lifestyle video production. We work closely with your team to efficiently relate to your brand’s target audience and deliver lifestyle videos that resonate with your ideal customer and drive more conversions.

Convey Brand Personality

Establishing a brand personality is an intrinsic component of any marketing campaign. Lifestyle videos deliver a brand’s message, increase customer loyalty, and elevate your business’s digital personality.

Increase Business Credibility

A well made lifestyle video serves as a visual representation of your brand’s values to powerfully connect with your viewers. By establishing an emotional connection, a lifestyle video creates a positive connotation with your brand and increases your business’s credibility.

Relate to Clients

Through engaging, sympathetic content and imagery, your business’s target customers feel understood and personally involved in your brand. Accordingly, your lifestyle videos cultivate consumer relationships and further develop your brand’s digital identity. 

Bearpaw Partners uses in-depth analytics to gain insight into the interests and lives of your customers to help craft relatable, relevant lifestyle videos. By producing branded content, our video marketing professionals place your business at the forefront of your competition. Our creative team produces lifestyle videos that convey your brand’s personality, which elevates your business’s marketing campaign and results in increased consumer engagement.



Documentary Video

Documentary videos are video productions that artistically tell a brand’s story through interviews and actual footage of real people and events. This form of video production requires the ability to relay a clear and concise point of view. Documentaries offer real-life visuals in an attempt to exchange connections between a brand and its audience. 

Tell a Story

Documentary videos creatively tell a business’s story and personalize the brand. Through captivating storylines, your documentary video efforts showcase meaningful motives that are more likely to gain the support of your audience.  

Educate Prospects

An effective documentary video effectively educates potential customers. This creates an atmosphere of earnestness and authenticity around your business, develops a knowledgeable, interested client base, and establishes brand loyalty.

Reveal a Message

Impressive documentary videos act as an expression of your business and advance a message that supports your brand’s digital identity. By using real events and people, documentary videos deliver concise examples of your brand’s perspectives.

Bearpaw Partners uses documentary videos as authentic avenues for storytelling and brand endorsement. Through advanced visuals and intriguing dialogue, our documentary videos strategically convey your company’s values while simultaneously educating and engaging with your target audience. Bearpaw Partners works closely with your business to build an emotionally driven documentary to gain the attention, respect, and admiration of your viewers.



Video Hosting

Video hosting is the process of uploading and storing your video on a third-party hosting platform. Third-party hosting services offer brands a simplified method for storing videos while keeping the hosting costs relatively inexpensive. We work with your team to choose the right hosting platform that supports your vision and fits your budget. 


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an exceptionally cost effective and scalable video hosting platform. In addition, AWS has built in redundancy, and charges on a pay as you go format, allowing a brand to scale with controlled costs. 


Brightcove video hosting is a flexible platform that offers integrations with other platforms such as WordPress, Marketo, and Drupal. Brightcove has one of the best HTML5 Players, in-video lead capture forms, and a customer service team to help with any integrations.


While YouTube’s mantra may be quantity over quality, Vimeo puts its emphasis on quality. Both the bitrate and the audio are better on Vimeo. In addition, Vimeo allows users to remove the Vimeo branding, allows password protection on videos, and enables a user to keep a URL but swap out a video. 


Wistia is a cost-effective hosting platform for B2C and B2B video projects. Like Vimeo, Wistia gives the user significant freedom to control the branding of their videos. Wistia also comes with a sophisticated analytics suite that enables a brand to track how viewers are interacting with their videos. 


YouTube provides video hosting for your business through the world’s most recognizable video player. In addition, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world (behind Google), which gives a brand an excellent audience for virtually any content. YouTube’s ad platform is integrated with both Google Adwords and Google Analytics, making the placement of video ads as well as the tracking very easy. 

Bearpaw Partners offers your brand the knowledge and expertise necessary to make the right choice in hosting platforms. Keeping your brand’s vision in mind, we guide video projects in the best direction to guarantee the desired results. The video experts at Bearpaw Partners use analytics and experience to successfully market and distribute your videos and achieve your brand’s goals. 

Video production is one of the best methods to interact and engage with your brand’s audience. The best marketing campaigns rely on compelling video content to impact specific target demographics through several different mediums such as websites or social media.. Because videos are entertaining, easy to process, and effortlessly sharable, they’ve become a leading method of digital marketing. Stunning video production can leave a strong, positive impression on a brand’s targeted audience, which generates interest and drives sales.

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